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this is the new professional blog as a writer where I keep the rest of the Internet informed picture of my literary projects and proposals for all literary editors and publishers interested in my work, thanks

one of my literary projects is "space visitors", I have the pleasure of anticipating something of the novel, the prologue and the first chapter, I hope

visitors space


Gerard worend


How many nights, how many times have we looked up to the sky for answers, whether those responses that most of us would like to know how a child learns and discovers life slowly, as if a supernatural impulse pushing us to look up to the stars, but even while we hijack a maremagnos of doubts and questions, we'll be so alone in the immensity with which contemplate the universe? and if we're not that kind of life can exist? will be similar to ours? where you will meet, what if it be in our galaxy or other more distant.? many expect a hidden signal after the stars others do not mind at all if there are other worlds with similar or different from our own life is a matter of perspective to life, a decision that only each of us must take, the less curious to know whether we are not alone, who and where our neighbors are astronomical.?
Since the appearance of man on the face of the earth, in the depths of our being and of our intelligence to know the unknown opens a door to another dimension unknown dimension where our fears and curiosity are given an emotional embrace seeking the truth . It has been speculated that in fact we ourselves are outside the earth or in the past took us civilizations from other worlds helping with their technology on our brains to make us advance in thought and technology both qualities thus are joined in the hand, it is true that our species always looked to the sky for answers to all those questions which now float with greater intensity, recurring questions that are repeated over and over, lasting over time since the beginning of mankind.
Consider a reasonably scientific methodology the man was and is able to achieve the unspeakable handedly only man and their communities in the beginning of time in groups of six to ten members managed to discover the fire, flint-tipped spears to hunt and to survive in a hostile environment as it was at the beginning of the Paleolithic age.
The Neolithic continued its progress without assistance either from within or outside reaching design tools for an easier life, if easily understand climate change, face the predator animals, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that dotted the large mosaic land at that time, after the last glaciation and extinction of the dinosaurs, the homo sapiens is consolidated at the top of the evolutionary chain as being with thinking and reasoning to lead the tribes and to grow in number, and strengthening communities was as a human being to this day.
In this novel will throw its own light and will reveal the hidden truth behind the Star, a reality based on an abduction experience but not as told in the movies or in other books where this issue has a retrospective cold and unemotional religious connotations or even pusillanimous as to the description of the traumatic and terrifying abductions mocking when they are actually not, I'm not going to be present which is a pleasant and enjoyable experience so if I tell them is that it was like being reborn again in a practical sense and a first moment of panic and then not remember anything but the immaculate powerful white light or something leaves you stunned and blinded extraordinary experience on the protagonist gerard tell what happened that morning in first person and you readers will draw their own assumptions or conclusions and to decide whether to believe or think it's fiction, but do not forget that sometimes the realities are hidden or just do not know until you succeed and for that reason are not unrealistic or fiction, just remember that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.
In this story everything that happens is plausible and feasible to be real, which is unassailably his free will and has his perception and judgment as a human being.

Chapter 1.

It was one of those nights we've all dreamed of summer had not just begun in Europe, we are in the month July, and a hot summer with bright days and high temperatures gave way to a night sky crisp and dazzling stars, I could see almost all the constellations of the southern hemisphere to Ecuador Land.
One night fate awaited me an unforgettable experience, although not as surprised as I could surprise any other mortal, not how to explain what happened but it was something I expected, I am passionate about the universe know more and more of everything happens up there, meet ostensibly deliberately and obsessively if more advanced than our civilization, if we visit, that desire to know everything about our universe perhaps caused by visitors the need to know and make contact me that morning of the day Sunday to Monday July 11, 2011 was unforgettable, and something that marked a turning point in my life.
I remember perfectly that night, after everything happened to be writing in my new book all afternoon and into the night until the wee hours would be around 4:13 when we started to think that was enough for today's marathon was spent typing more or less from 16:00 pm until 4:25, almost 13 hours of intense adventures captured in a digital display up to methodical leaves absorbed more experienced writer and so I decided it was time to collect the documentation and go sleep at home with fresh wind as the stifling, suffocating heat that was in my small office without air conditioning where the only breeze running was through the window of the small office just behind me, the lease because it was quiet the situation without noise still working at night in the city frenzy is the order of the day or night I should say for that reason chooses to hire this small but cozy outside the city office and with a price of $ 150 a month since my budget is very limited for a novel writer while I rambled a enfrascamiento and jam you design created by the misuse of work time, ideas mingled resulting in a horrific stanzas in a reflexive act and sanity off my technological device and store it in my portfolio, drops of sweat fell accompanied each other slipping down his face at that moment look at the thermometer clock against white wall temperatures that touched 40 degrees marked in red for danger and being almost take 4:30 very poor decision to leave the magical story for another day.
This new novel "Magic" That is not a literary custom if not a whim my fantastic script I want to write on the top for me, is a world of magic and illusion fantasy where I create a private world of fire dragons, winged unicorns, fairies, nymphs, and elves among other peculiar characters, magic is a parallel world where two civilizations say one is good-natured and the other is evil in the world. the forces of good, led by magic that is the princess of the kingdom of the same name.
Magic is the princess who rules all the characters of pure heart and good nature despite being embroiled in a struggle against the forces of evil caused by the greed of Argos to covet the territories and the pure hearts of loved goodness extreme that make up the world of magic, to eat them and get some kindness, for in his heart Argos and his retinue of warriors not want to remain warriors ever and ever and need to see the light beings to be kind.
The fantastic creatures of good are all those characters are pure in heart, elves all regions or kingdoms, as the generations of elves are divided into seven kingdoms joined together. Then there are the sympathetic and courageous dwarves warriors departing between men and elves, charming and hypnotic nymphs, fairies elves, mermaids half women and half marine mammal, the men finally came to this world when his real world was destroyed in ancient land, a disaster caused by a monstrous war between the man on the ground always greed of human nature, men of goodness and loyalty of heart that could leave an old dying and mortally wounded by a land fratricidal war of man against man had disastrous results coupled with other fantastic creatures up in the forces of good magic.
The forces of evil represented by Argos a demoniac being, in all her being there is not a shred of emotion, no feelings known only death and destruction, just inside treasures transformed into hatred that violence against any living being, even of their own kind, Argos is the prince of darkness or faceless warrior perpetual darkness and commander of the armies of warriors eternal darkness.
Are immortal, their oath is to exterminate every living thing in the confines of magic at any price.
Argos is the most ruthless characters on the world of magic, devoid of feelings and deploys when the art of war has no mercy to anyone, never been seen argos sparing the life of any enemy and even their own troops fear him; if any kind of behavior with great pleasure betrayal destroys anyone who dares to contradict his orders.
But dear readers think this other story, and can read it in due time, at the moment I was telling a different story, continue, remember already ...
Look on the desk to see if everything was in order, you need picked up, closed the window, look askance at the desktop again a healthy habit to see if they carry with them the car keys, the home and the office seems this all! Still fell on my face a few timid sweat, into her tiny sink and grabbed with both hands a little water and let it slide over my face reflexively to cool, grabbed the towel hanging on the door I dry a little hands and face me slightly routed to the door just three steps separated me from the exit, turn counter fuses they were joined by a fit as a button and closed behind me the door was creaking hinges turn closing the key twice.
Lower short jumps (as I usually do always playing since childhood) stairways eight steps that divided my office gate, I left feeling a strong kick of searing heat, not to mention despite the incident close the access door to the ship .
When turning the building walk to the car two cats one after the other with deafening shrieks fight, the desired gray with long hair climbs a tree while looking down the mottled tracker tricolor, which makes a gesture uploading the tree but only digs his front hooves on the base of the tree, turns defiant and me stares like a bad man in question and walks away with cocky gestures, to see the behavior of the cats I think, will exist in the animals in general and especially in cats, human qualities such as arrogance, ego, evil, good question after witnessing this feline (or cats) scene.?
I keep walking and before I stop around the corner, and suddenly appears Larry, Larry is the security guard of the ship was making his rounds
Must see gerad by little we collide, making this very hot night in his office while says Larry passed a handkerchief across his forehead, then working as a Larry and we have not hit because I knew you were coming I perceived to my Larry, ah writing anything you know! I've been up pretty late because I wanted to leave a portion of the focused novel, but I'll guarantee you good service ends gerad friend.
I hope gerard If I'm looking to finish my turn to take a bath at home and rest Larry says as he begins to walk and greeting with a hand gesture to gerad also headed to his car.
Triggered the remote and do not open, it shook from side to side as I power and lighting my mustang plash opens its four flashing at once, open the door and entered me sitting in the seat while leaving the briefcase to a side of the front seat, smoothed my hair gesture insisted I always do and I look in the tiny mirror removes sun, get the key and I power the ignition, suddenly sounds has agrighhh iron! heck not start, let my old buffalo (name Loving what I call my car) I do not have go to do this, please buffalo, no time to think about what happened to him to turn the key back on and ... Broumm,! Starts
So I like my old buffalo proving to be a hard and strong nothing less than a Ford mustang blue Cobalt 74, my're my favorite best friend I never leave in the lurch, and they do not argue never me (sometimes it's better not to talk not to argue, my old true buffalo) do not say anything, I like you calm friend, Broumm accelerated to heat the diesel engine v 8 times
And that is exclaimed old buffalo snorts again and vibrate me feel tonight back home and to join us in this Starry Night will take the glove (with risk to re-ex tripping mechanism for opening and closing) A disk cloning comes to this time of recreation home, you can imagine old buffalo that can be true.? If that friend is metallic theme "coming home" Scorpions, so I put the song and look I think is the 13 "voila" eco suddenly the song begins with the first harmonic chords.
The cobalt blue mustang passes with strength, power and verve, as if influenced by the song, turn right to left across the gloomy and narrow streets of the suburb area companies and industry polygon Baltimore
Seem that automatically circulates as by remote control, but is our protagonist gerard handling the machine in a near-perfect driving. His hands and mind guide Buffalo to the output polygon to connect with the E-11 variant towards this house, one of deafening guitar sounds in the song "coming home" windshield buffalo are the 74 mustang appropriate to have a perspective of the night sky has a cruising speed of about 71 miles per hour we can contemplate the majesty of the night sky can observe that star cluster huddled as Bobillo that is none other than the constellation Perseus with numerous weak stars we see on clear nights, located south of the constellation canis wholesalers or shopping big dipper.
In situation where I was headed east was observed very clearly a star whose behavior is unusual, it seems to get away and come away with behavior and gradual progressive approach to earth manner. I had never seen anything like it and am faithful observer of the night sky from an early age and in any of the countless times I have observed the night sky I had seen this phenomenon, the most approximate or the like have been in nights with density wispy clouds but the effect of disappearing and appearing through the dark clouds sometimes imperceptible is completely different, which caused a reaction in my care in the powerful event, far from disappearing continuous happening while I continued my journey and approaching towards east, just before a change of direction towards the north, I could see some intermittent weak flashes coming from the white light, which at first did not repair or fails to comply in the main light as a star, curiously not understand as such can not percatarme event those intermittent flashes were perfectly discernible, appeared in a range or short period of time, flashes of white light as a treatment or similar to the lights carried by commercial aircraft beacon. These flashes could be due to a kind of warning beacon or treatment of their presence in the sky, although it could also be a way of communication through light signals of greater or lesser intensity and phase determined period of time as if to convey encryption by the intensity and time intervals in which the light flashes white appear, also noted that the flashes or signals appear in the outline of the central white light message, sometimes the flashes appear at the top of the light, these being of sufficient intensity and power, others come from the bottom and both sides of these are of lower light intensity appear not to a binary mathematical sequence or appear randomly succession around the periphery of the central white light without any apparently established order.
Therefore we could bring to the apparent conclusion that there is no message or any communication, at least within the parameters of our physical charges, there may be a false negative in our appreciation of the fact as it happens depending on each perception.
Out as it was the white light and mysterious flashes are the result of a communicative intent or any other unknown hypothesis and will continue wearing the flashes in the outline of the white light stellar.
Meanwhile befell all these paradigms, gerard, keep driving your old mustang "Buffalo" by w-12 variant which communicates with its urbanization boom. After taking the detour to the north there was a moment of time that seemed to me long ro or did not exceed 11 to 19 seconds which is not had no visible light in question, incidentally logical to happen when changing direction march in another direction or cardinal point and address north light located east angle remained invisible or dead to be moving north increased and increased over the possibility of not seeing the white light in question, once locate me if I could relocate in the sky, when leaving a stop on the road between the two tall office buildings of a well known multinational belonging to the construction industry. This time the light was motionless in a stillness that did not bode well, at least give a sense to save some unexpected surprise, I digress from the long rail Join my community "bonanza"
When I crowned the highest diversion upstream slope to the first roundabout, I could glimpse the huge white light above the office building even though it was late and did not want to dwell on the yield to spend more time than advisable and resume my march, ENFILE the service road to the second roundabout upslope and when I came round I found the hit a cyclist with their red warning lights which cast lots in a matter of tenths of seconds hitting a dry spinning wheel to the right and then do left and the car this cyclist appeared from nowhere as if it were any of my characters dark novel to turn the steering wheel to the right and then left the car and got straighten buffalo makes a zip stabilized, zap to get away with the setback. As I look out the window saying but man, not frivolous! A little care man!, Type of bike continued their way as if nothing happened, not even think I hear the curses I threw myself on him, I thought he was listening to something with headphones ...
To me these people skimming death and have not even aware of it, make me the creeps, boy
When standing next to a taxi indicating with a gesture that I roll down the window, I power the automatic control and under the window, and say tell me
And the wide-eyed Taxi Driver tells me: I've seen as drawn or cyclist and the truth both stood in the chapel of the roundabout wardrobes, which is unbelievable power and reflexes to the rider had to overcome that at first I saw, if not off by their red warning lights carrying your bike
I feel the intrusion but I had to tell him, take care friend, although I see that if you have it.
Good night cabbie friend indeed observed a white light in the sky quite strong. Ah yes, if returning from east living soul caught my attention quite large compared to the stars light, but know one is working and can not entertain more than necessary if you do not mind I'll have to continue the night, a greeting. Gerard sticking his hand out the window of the taxi driver goodbye and continue my journey towards home thinking that I could not only happen on this fateful summer night.
I keep seeing the white light as a star as a reference point to which I went at him instinctively as if someone or something or my mind on a reflective plane communicate me that star is not what it seems, certainly not a star, the stars do not appear and gradually disappears, as if to distract disappear and come closer again in the same path, I thought instinctively that it was a spaceship, and was also drawing attention to me for some reason during my trip to home that strong white light was maneuvering toward and away, and light signals from all the parameters of the central light, no doubt that white light comes from a spaceship that apparently wants to communicate with me.
Rotation in the middle to get straight to the parking house, before I stop at a red light, with its bell to blind you hear amplified, it changes green and put the first and as I prepare to resume the march appears in the darkness a guy walking with his head down or not you realize you'll start running or really does not care at all hope to pass and I think more strangers run game clutch and accelerator and steered me toward the parking, I leave my mustang and instinctively raised his gaze to the west and suspended in the sky there was waiting for the immaculate white light, still this is no longer away or simply approaching this stopped in the sky in the darkness of deep night imposing stronger and powerful than any star perceive balancing the light and as almost imperceptible flash, road to the entrance of the house I turn to strike back at the remote end of my car buffalo and back without looking away from the light and reflect mentally from my deepest interior, making this mental reflection "does not need to demostréis me nothing, who are" suddenly like a flash or beam of light, the light is coming towards me, it is a powerful blinding light, a white Light did not know, had never seen anything unparalleled me a shiver from head to toe, I think it's appalling the unknown panic, had never felt this feeling for me was new a strange feeling, the light came to be blinding, I remember looked away from the light as an act reflected as I was burning and blinding and look away from the light, I could see the street in a very quick overview I had complete clarity greater than if it were day, it was a reflex I was blinding and burning that artificial light but very consistent, after seeing the fleeting view of the street do not remember anything at all else I have researched and found out simply by deduction.
The time seems to stand still, as if frozen in a photographic snapshot.
I vaguely remember being then inside somewhere possibly the spacecraft and should be like teleported floating on a strip of light onto the ship, the ship was huge changing morphology of a white color with silver alloy as color Mercury and its same properties changing shape and hue as the waves of the sea, rippled like water itself, its half-dome shaped with white flashing lights that were around their spherical shape, which were lit and went out to a synchronized time.
Once inside the ship one of his crew approached me to a safe distance for fear has scared and telepathically appeared, telling me I'm samentan commander XVW-13 ship we will do you no harm, just like we have selected to exchange views between the two, I could perceive their mental slings floating addressing my mind (such as the reflection caused by the heat in the asphalt road) scared but not like the panic that had the initial meeting, as if sedated, although it was not was conscious, to enter the ship had a feeling, as if it were part of the crew one more of the visitors from space.
Mentally or telepathically I answered my name is gerard, I am writer on this planet called earth, we can talk if you want of whatever you want samentan.
The spacecraft was inside a circular domed with coordinate records and images from the screen and earth.
The crew were four, including samentan, he looked like us, are high thin with tips like features, long thin fingers digital all their technological devices will respond by telepathic commands without manipulating anything at all the ship crew through their minds, great minds who have overcome the uncertainty principle present in the universe, unaware of the mistake, the mistake is not part of their vocabulary are perfection personified in these space beings.
I was instructed to take position in a capsule inside the ship, decompression and weightless capsule not to notice my body speeds hyperspace, we were going to achieve. The crew took positions without change in their usual positions of control without any capsule.
First tilt as if it orientase to a point, or address, the panel disappeared and saw the background a lot of stars that seemed so close you could touch them, as if the moon giant expanded vision, after the great digital mosaic was reconfigured and returned to the big screen all indicative, graphics and other technological systems
Perceived the initial movement, which was in progression from less to more, until the speed shot and entered hyper space is appreciated as we passed at high speed by stars galaxies, comets, asteroid belts, meteor showers and other astronomical phenomena , leaving a trail of all the passage of our spaceship which was entering the depths of the universe.

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