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Soon I will publish three children's stories for Christmas and gave happiness to all my readers, thanks

soon you are going to be delighted to have the pleasure of reading to three children's stories will go along the top of the first friends ... Christmas approaches children's story ...

The mystery of Jonathan

Johatan one day I was born in a remote village in southern Italy, accompanied that day the blizzard storm snow and wind lashed the village called "treasure" and the town where he was born and named johan was so called because that town had a great treasure, the treasure of the people was the friendship and love of neighbors to each other, uniting them to the difficulties and helped each other willingly.
In-house they would be the parents of Johan, his mother Helenca and his father Richard, there was a great uproar, the Helenca mom had severe pain before delivery, so the neighbor next door Enrick ran to home to take her to the hospital at 5 kmts Village "treasure" Helenca husband Richard was on the outskirts of town working in the factory of nougat and shortbread
So a neighbor friend of theirs went there to warn Richard that his wife was giving birth to her son Johan, while Enrick with his van rushed to get to the hospital to Helenca between sighs and cries were coming to the hospital, could not go very fast because the road was full of snow and wind rocked the van from side to side, but managed to reach the hospital.
The nurses and doctor with a stretcher came out to Helenca and came as fast as possible to the delivery room and soon there was born a beautiful child johan Rubio balding, johan not born with closed eyes want to see where was the earliest possible big blue eyes were very curious about our world had just been born and his enormous curiosity and we anticipate his gift.

When the nurse handed johan her mother Helenca was the happiest woman in the village "treasure" Richard had just arrived at the hospital sat crying of happiness with which mother and child rested Trance give life and leave this world ...
One of the most mysterious events and intimate universe the birth of life.
The maternity hospital was completely white baby Jesus from their rooftops to their gardens and even the stone walls snowstorm left a very nice cozy Christmas scene
That day good evening of 24 December that year Richad not, he, eay johan melted into a warm embrace three where emotions of love brought them to a happy mood.
Richard says sky Helenca or regret not having come before but was working in the factory, Helenca puts the finger on his lip saying shut up do not worry now we three together safely is important my dear husband.
Richad rose from the bed and approached the window apparatus vao that opaque curtain that forms crystals when it rains or is cold because of the temperature difference between cold and hot street house heating.
That steam is like Cristian smoke where you can draw with your finger or a name you know it's heart? Truth ...
Richard the vao apparatus with a blue handkerchief from his coat or sack coat leaving bright and crystal for Helenca johan could see the street from the hospital where a Christmas fog encondia occasionally lights Christmas decorations placed on street furniture , Curator of trees streetlights, white stone statues that adorned the garden with its hedges forming a labyrinth where the statues marked your site, the entry door or gate to the hospital and all the outside of the hospital.
Ohhh Helenca said that nice Richard thanks for showing how beautiful it is Christmas if you see with your eyes big boy. If my sky so I cleaned the glass for you my beloved wife and our new son you see the wonderful street decorated for Christmas.

Of course my husband Richard are the nicest person in the world and the best father to johan says Helenca
And you will be Helenca best mother in the world for our son johan says Richard.
That night the three slept huddled in the hospital after many ordeals of the day which was very intense and were tired.
The next morning the overcast day and high in the sky a glowing sun shone throughout the hospital.
Villagers were some "treasure" to visit and see the newborn child johan, but the doctor told them politely that could only happen in threes, and for a time of 13 minutes each visit. Since Helenca mother was still recovering and the child was just two days old.
Ignoring the doctor's orders, they were going to see them in threes until all viewed.

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