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within the limits of reality

Hello friends this is the preface to one of the two novels I'm writing, and in a way a proposal to editor or publisher who might be interested, a hug to all ...

within the limits of reality

By Gerardo Moreno


The story I am about to tell you is my own story 93 years I have lived intensely as the rose of Jericho live in adverse situations.
If you look at the narrative digressions and decentered history incorrectly be patient and quiet man I am old ...
I find myself spending the last years of my life in a remote village in the Alps Azzurri in my little house on the edge of the Alps knee resting from my last days in this world where I have lived intensely unequaled multitude of adventures.
Here with my addiction my faithful pet dog Dixie wolf mike and my wildcat. In such good company and the wonderful sight of alpine mountains and pristine backwater pond waters of the lake during winter turns into an ice palace, suitable for ice skating or sledding for kids, shame that in this area of ​​the world there are not many children, childhood is the most wonderful stage of human, discover the world and all that happens in the we and the air full of whys?
Whys that even greater still making as if waved in a circular loop where questions are repeated successively without answers. The answer awaited and expected by all that we ask questions at least.
I still remember like it was yesterday, the dizzying pace of fleeting time, devoid of empathy does not stop whatever happens is oblivious to the dramas and joys simply passes without more.
Suach'm Erick and I still remember when as a child always with an eye on the sky, together with the thought in looking for an answer that at least I have not found. Yet I have always looked carefully, tenacity and patience.
Patience is the most important thing in the life of every man that price, give us peace and quiet to meet all of our objectives and their fulfillment, is the primary basis for all our qualities and skills without a solid and consolidated other qualities and skills would collapse like a house of cards built on fragile air without any solid foundation and tranquility and emotional burden of vital importance for a full and eventful life achievement satisfactions achieved through patience and tranquility.
Forgive my ramblings which warn you now I'm old and as a child as old one is still possible. It is true that thought was born old and die as a child of thought.
In my retentive memory when I recall my childhood stage I come scents and sensations of that time and still is old I feel like a child full of bursting with vitality. I invade a host of vivid sensations and feeling the same emotions as a child. The smell of my childhood winter permeates all around where I am now older, a distinct aroma of moisture from the rainy days, the summer sun takes different connotations that characteristic warmth of my childhood.
My shield against the mediocrity of the world, where what matters is rather continue to advance efforts to improve as a person and openness to new experiences and new sensations
Meanwhile pervasive mediocrity in our world limits the creative and inventive progress and development is becoming the general trend. Mediocrity and vulgarity only generates envy and anger among the majority of embedded population as small daily problems oblivious to the real problems floating in the outside are out there shaping the entire showcase of absurdity, but with a rather complicated background, in that other world leaders, tax illicit fortunes and sinuously intricacies hidden in the roots of the earth, they will take more force to strengthen its presence on the dark side but becoming more and stronger with the passage of time ...
An unknown to most of the world's population living everyday stranger to power struggles since the most absolute secrecy world these organizations operating from the dark, are ultimately what this novel, extraordinarily complex life Erick environment of these organizations or for any reason other connection with.
Make contact and occur countless events that marked the life of our character to an incredible and unfathomable point.

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