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the other reality. Chapter 2. by Gerardo Moreno

The other reality

Chapter 2


Gerardo Moreno.

Before starting to enjoy dinner, Marianne board the palms of his hands in a gesture angelic and prepares to give thanks for the food received, while Jack disapprovingly plays with bottle of wine in his glass causing sound glass, "click" Jack had never ever thought about conviction of belief in God, a series of events in his life.
Marianne takes Jack's hand in a gesture of touching affection, rough, chapped, rough hand of Jack, while telling you I love grumpy old man, to which he responds I know, forgive my behavior and know what ogre who I am Marianne, abruptly changing the conversation to make it more lively and fun than just your day of fishing fun ye truth.?
If much grandma, every day we are going to fish different from above and even more fun, while tapping gently with the handle of the fork on the table to be prey to emotion.
With the grandfather I never get bored, but I do the same things are always different, oh Erick is very true what you say Jack you never get bored with me you gonna tell me is really full of surprises son?
If you are the best grandma grandparents in the world! Erick exclaims pulling the fork slipped from his hand.
Jack joins slightly from the chair and exclaims wow that's my grandson! That guy more awake and terrific, ah Erick know that tonight is the first moon of the equinox occurs and also the combination of cosmic alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury palmettes, after dinner we prepare the telescope and observe, you think child ah great grandfather most wonderful surprise.
Well but that will be after dinner, do not want all my work in the kitchen preparing dinner that you both like to stay at the table, I beg you please Marianne ends.
Yes of course dear dinner to finish it your famous egg custard with cream, if we have an exceptional Erick clear night for viewing the night sky, temperature and relative humidity of air perfect for observation, will draw conclusions and conjectures and pleasant Funny astronomical phenomena that are both unique and irrefutable
Erick seemingly calm, but something changed inside him betrays the speed with which the egg custard and cream with accuracy mime prepared his grandmother, like going out to the backyard of the house where the old telescope takes bronze awaits under the night where the stars as faithful companions await.
Jack can not help chuckling of the situation, a situation that his wife Marianne is not pleased at all, watching his grandson swallows the egg custard with cream as if your dog is treated thirteen, all for wanting to end as soon as possible to out to the backyard to look through the telescope, especially since the big loudmouth Jack had to say in full dinner I had planned for later Marianne's face changed colors like chameleon talkative, while Jack murmured softly near his ear wife, sky do not look like that the kid has his priorities in his own personality, he has nothing against your delicious flan, if Erick grandmother barely speaks well understood, as it has all the flan in a mouthful, to Marianne instantly grandmother gets up and says: go out have ended my patience and then speak with you to be your old crackpot who has started all this muddled
Continued Marianne and son do not talk with your mouth full and not off-putting is decent, you can walk up from the table and leave with this old curmudgeon who is your grandfather to do whatever amuses you, but please I ask you to two non alcéis much the voice is a little late and you know that Mrs. adjoining neighboring roast beef, well you know what happens if you hear noise ...
If you already know that crazy deaf than their insomnia there to put their complaints and fuss out of tune and place, please Jack I beg I beg do not make noise do not be damn child sometimes not who is my grandson and grandfather who is the god Marianne continuous shaking his head side to side with a raise eyebrow, another floor and a grin on his face, as not understanding the attitude of her husband. It seems incredible that Jack now going to reveal something new about the roast beef lady, our neighbor is very whiny, nosy and gossipy but this one jack and delicate health any day we die and we did not know, oh yes yes we found out as we saw that a day goes by without appearing sniffing our around the house is because something happened, please Jack a little tact I ask the other day I saw in the local supermarket, I commented that I was suffering sleep disorder caused by the problems, that cries to heaven exclaimed Jack heck of sleep disorder caused by the problems, the biggest problem is that crazy witch decide to leave time to see if there are letters in your mailbox, mailbox receives a letter not long indeed.
Please I beg grumpy old man a little respect for the roast beef lady, we were not going to go out and get some fresh air and do your stuff, but silently agree.
If "mama" as affectionately called Jack, we promise not to make a lot of fuss truth Erick, if Grandma will have very careful to make no noise, thousand ego I give you a kiss goodnight, good son out warm that have lowered temperatures equinox and here and the nights are very cold in these parts.
Jack opened the front door and puts her hand on the back of Erick letting go first and walk down the corridor outside oak towards the back of the house, there in the center of the plot is nestled "falling stars" is the name of the telescope with which Jack was baptized at the age of 11, I give it to telescope his uncle Edgar back in 1927 as a gift from Pope Noel those white Christmas you will never forget.
It is a heavy old telescope excess material bronze but with detachable lenses that have nothing to envy of current telescopes.
It's heavy and that is why this was nestled in the back of the house, move the telescope more than two hands are needed is a difficult and hard work, as Jack would say Chinese work.
Erick son! Jack exclaims prey while I optical excitation, the appropriate and relevant to the astronomical event angular and observe as expected alignment and conjunction of planets, guiding see "falling stars" in the position of the full moon, where the lower left of the moon, we see a small isosceles triangle with three points of white light into its vertices at the tip of the triangle will have to Venus, is the
planet brighter and better proximity to the earth is observed given.
At the bottom left we to Mercury and in front of the other right side giant Milky Way, Jupiter perfect Erick son is very well oriented now I will change the perspective to a wide angle to check a subjective level achieve open angular and have a near-perfect image of the four heavenly bodies observe.
Grandfather before opening angle should not set the frame in the center and the four stars and then open the wide angle for a frame increase.?
If son was thinking at this very moment, you have every reason in the world would like to have an overview of the four stars, although we'll recreate one by one. I will proceed to fix and frame the picture of the four stars and then we will focus on each of them.
Once ready the telescope, Jack leads a knowing leer and his grandson
Let everything you expect your son, tell me if this okey.
Oh Grandpa is great, perfect can observe the splendid moon and three celestial bodies in the form of an isosceles triangle is wonderful Grandpa!
Washt going to focus on Jupiter, for individualizing observation, gee grandpa! I'm seeing four of his satellites, we were right in the first, wide angle and location of the set, great grandfather! Erick exclaims in a permanent state of arousal.
Quiet child does not raise your voice, we can have our company rosbif neighbor lady and did not want us to break things fun.
You're right son tandem form a cosmic first dimension we are two astronomers first class astronomical science.
Look at your grandfather well placed verifies that this "falling stars" as open and free of angular distortion conjunction and alignment of three planets Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and elusive.
Yes thanks I'll see, by Jove! This image moves me to the point of feeling part of it, the wise little Erick Alignments of these three stars are always different from each other, and never repeated throughout space of time. Since each day is always different from the previous and the next.
According to the physical law is nothing equal or repetitive in the universe, there is nothing equal or similar and universal events are always different from each other.
The uproar and hysteria process for a moment, Jack occasion fail to make a relax and change the longitude and latitude framing the full moon, the first moon of the equinox of the new autumn season in which we move, while deciduous fall on our heads and on our telescope "falling stars."
Meanwhile Grandpa Jack sings a song, O moon of my love if you could reach you fervently embrace your soft mouth kiss you, where are you? Moon of my loves of my dark nights contemplating your surroundings ...
Oh if your grandmother my love for the moon could become ill be jealous!
Jack says with a wink directed at me. Anda grandfather Jack're not boastful Marianne grandmother knows more than enough love you process the universe and especially your beloved moon and has never considered your romance being a peculiar love. Hahaha funny you son, your grandmother was joking knows everything about me, even though you can never get to know your partner in a short life and what the hell were you seven lives not be known completely. Well son did not want to be sentimental as his eyes aguaban and a drop of tears trickled down her cheek, sorry son for certain issues I'm hypersensitive and very emotional, your grandmother Marianne is the main reason for my heart.
Come grandpa is not nothing wrong to express emotions, unlike frees the soul and makes us more human nods Erick
Damn Erick you are a young poet exquisite expressiveness are very versatile child, you can cover several arts and sciences, you have an innate gift valuable.
I tell you Jack Moore SUACH I have a sense of perception from another planet.
Extraterrestrial? Grandfather? Ask Erick curiously while with his hands around the bottom of the telescope lens.
Well son I did not say that, I have hinted, my DNA is in all its land. Come hell son in my veins have foreign DNA, I know the story will not want me to tell you again.
Now that mysterious grandfather that night you had a unique experience that marked a before and after in your life, confirming what you thought about the existence of intelligent life in the universe.
Erick That is simply not so ... more
And because of my experience I went through the primitive logic of a human breast tying out as to what happened to me and the impact on my life on earth, reaching a hypothesis quite approximate to the truth.
I think anything in the universe happen by chance is not predestined child if the destination is the end, every event has a purpose, the purpose is to understand that my particular event is more complicated, but not impossible to decipher, by reason and intelligence can find the reason and the cause linking the event with me and my life on earth, because there has to be an as and when each issue for us to consider this is very complicated, the answer is out there, in the stars.
Erick whispers shakily, not there anything else in the world that make me happier than to find that answer both grandfather floating among the stars ...
Son I have my own answer is incomplete but I fear that the rest of my life will not let me complete my answer, however your son find and when you find her take care of spreading it to the four winds, information the draft must to protect the eyes of suspicious strangers whose unknown intentions may be little suited to anchor this information, take care of it reaches safe hands for your own good and that of humanity, stop talking Jack slowly decreasing tone of his words until an angel appears to have happened to embrace the silence at the end of his words ... While playing his shoulder of his grandson in a gesture of welcoming mood, what Erick responds mind taking gesturing hand and squeezing his grandfather and grandfather are here still feeling as when you took my hand when I was very small helping me walk the adjacent to a Victorian house built with a double door on porch with vaulted ceiling in a triangle and in the center a shield with two crossed swords with gargoyles flanked by two slender cylindrical columns spiral ecru ground .
In the upstairs above the main door a large terrace surrounding the home environment more fully into their way of large windows glass doors gave an unusual breadth to stay, at the entrance of the house and its extensive comfortable lounge with central fireplace and vaulted ceiling large amplitude evoked the famous Southern mausoleums, adjacent to the kitchen and living room across a living room next to her, a sink with faucet gold color and circular bath hot spring .
To access the upstairs emerged two broad stairs at each end of the great marble entrance hall and polished stone railing that communicated to a central hall where the ground floor entrance hall looked, hall available four adjoining doors including three bedrooms and a large office fourth library where Jack entertained and amused with what he liked "write."
Grandpa "jack" has worked all his life from the early age of eight finishing primary studies in his hometown "Baltimore" after school helping his father Matías in the work of the fruits of the earth and love for domestic farm animals.
Later joining the university scool of Baltimore in the discipline of engineering and air space during the studies in order to be covered college career, from public relations work at a local rock and roll, to carrier in the carrier telegraph when I graduated got a traineeship in one of the most important spatial air agencies in the United States was there learning and absorbing knowledge gained strength and form in the area of ​​physics astro will reaffirm one of the most outstanding astro physicists of the time.
Shortly step has to join the U.S. space agency (NASA) where he worked on numerous research projects and space travel as six of the Apollo missions.
For over 35 years the grandfather Jack turned its potential to study and aerospace scrutiny a full and satisfying life where he had the opportunity to meet and be friends with astronauts and eminent academics despite my grandfather Jack always remained anonymous no liked being brain or acquaintance or even aerospace scientific environment, or at the end of his career and being about to retire from the activity for discrepancies and different views on aerospace policy still maintains NASA and Grandpa Jack greatly disliked and even hated, once completed detached from the national establishment.
Step to translate all his knowledge about the complicated writing genre of science fiction and fantasy, from the scientific perspective provided from the dilemma of translating their stories documenting it if needed before the scientific theme cover a particular story being one of the writers most successful in the United States.
For many reasons that may contrast throughout the life of my grandfather Jack can say it is a man who has earned himself the image and likeness of effort, perseverance, struggle, being bold, opinionated, articulate, tenacious , methodical, and with brutal force capable of transmitting inner moods to those on his side.
His energy ... It's extraordinary life force and slash stripe exhaustion impossible line of being human.

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