lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

fragment of the novel "another reality", looking for answers

But no wonder that this great question will end madmen searching for answers and connect the dots to untangle the web that prevents us from getting to the heart of the matter the destination or end of this enigmatic mystery that is the search for meaning life.
There must be a way, even though we do not know can not rule or enter rating does not produce a sense everything in the universe has a sense and in our case is not the meaning of life to give life that is merely superficial if delve into the depth give the culmination of our sense of life because? How? And where? This this regard ...
It must be in some hidden place in our psyche hence hypnotic and brain research give us the answer you are looking for mankind since the world began.
And sooner or later succeed off the equation will give us the explanation for all this, and know the whys of all the questions, we have more questions than answers and the answers that we are challenged, dropping many of them turning to New in increasingly consistent and complicated questions.

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