lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013


Acid rain is that the tears of angels who cry for the bitterness of men on earth ... Whenever I talk about myself, not really describe who I am, perhaps because no one knows himself at all, but after this introduction or footnotes, preface or denominate it as they please.

I'm just a man with more virtues than defects, or so I think, and referring to the thought question that dominated quite well, I'm a philosopher, astronomer, scientist and physicist, specializing in the mind and metaphysics, mind power based energy of the human being

Thinker, writer, philosopher, and for some even wise, I have been innately chosen by the known nature to through me a mind to leave a legacy to humanity in relation to the art of writing, painting, and research and knowledge of the .

I hope and pray that is not otherwise in posthumous life and work

A hug

Gerardo Moreno

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