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chapter 1. The other reality by Gerardo Moreno

The other reality

Chapter 1.

By. Gerardo Moreno

Patrick suach is opposite the mausoleum of his erick clarise and parents, staring and cohabiting abstracted mind where reflections and thoughts of his lewd taciturn, confused and lost his mind early in life.
Mild hot north wind, Silva lifting leaves of early autumn creating a melody of equinoctial sounds, ending sounds perceived is observed and the bottom of the path leading to the exit of the sacrum camp sees the silhouettes in black shadows since there seem to look towards where you are.
Patrick suach enters a trance his eyes blinking rapidly and begins to see his father as a child Erick suach surrounded by more children playing in the street ...
In the early stages of his life stood between Erick SUACH even when other children played outside and intelligence methodology could overcome all obstacles out of the game unscathed and victorious games street. He was a little shy introverted child, funky and extremely intelligent, mysterious in other words.
We start from the undeniable premise that almost the entire world population perceives life from a flat surface dimension, Erick watched a different way to the more globalized detailed unison while escaping the slightest glimmer of evidence of anything particularly mysterious ideas apparently disjointed took shape to create an archetypal situation like a spider web that stuck with each other forming a set of spider web with a deep multidimensional vision.
Born with a genetic and own DNA and transmitted from the parents and ancestors for their brand as this genome is the individual and their qualities from the time of leaving the world and see the light for the first time. Progenitors at the early age of seven years lost due to a death in unenlightening conditions.
He moved with his paternal grandparents in Mississippi has the southwestern United States, where he lived part of his childhood and adolescence on the banks of the Mississippi River just outside the town of raymond away from hometown in Kansas city missouri. His grandfather Jack was a nice, sarcastic, charismatic and mysterious type its extensive interests ranging from vintage cars to collect original size which drove me crazy the little Erick beside the family home a typical southern mansion, had as a hangar roof sheltered from inclement weather whimsical southern dimensions as hectare of land where he kept appliances and other machines, and his extensive collection of vintage cars from your jewels were four wheels, Ford mustang 66 coupe, 1927 Ford A A 6 v, Ford galaxie 500 xl sun Liner 62 Ford
thunder bird coupe, dodge charger buick sedan 56 dodge M37, Chevrolet two tem 54, and even an old 4x4 pickut, but to me the one I liked was the Ford mustang blue Cobalt 74 and my grandfather knew it was my favorite, occasionally let me drive it, sat on her knees handling the steering wheel on the inside path of huge plot was cotton field before, I tell myself that when I grew up and had card I would give it as a gift with more charisma and heart all that would make me, and for me as a child was a tremendous enthusiasm the words of my grandfather Jack sounded in my ears like heavenly music.
In the southern hectare, breathed and came to life classic cars grandpa jack to which baptized with names to Ford mustang 66 coupe was the small ton, a long story, the Ford thunder bird coupe was tornado, because once by driving my grandfather little was achieved by a tornado, and blue mustang Cobalt 74 was my old buffalo, which was the right eye jack, when marianne grandmother entered unbridled anger told screaming crazy old man want more that old car to me and always responded jack, deep down you know that you can not know you and I love you long before him, while his characteristic gesture of his hair rowdy sly and sarcastic plan .
And mariannne grandmother told him more gently, damn you can not be angry with you, dammit jack, I may be the emotions of what I feel for you, what the hell love you as you are and do not want to have this point will change one iota your overwhelming personality.
My grandfather Jack always said, if my princess your heart is pure and that belongs to me and you are the most special woman in the face of the earth so we are together since that night when the stars lined up to meet us for always.
Erick spent his childhood in a peaceful, country setting and friendly and in tune with their grandparents when the dawning sun rising early departure to the vast horizon marked the summer seasonal entry. The southern summer season Erick's favorite for outdoor activities in the countryside. The wastt river ran through the western margin of the Mississippi County, and River was synonymous to life in the form of fish. To my grandfather jack fishing was a ritual of communion with the living nature, and balance with Mother Nature something like the reincarnation of the souls of the ancient inhabitants Indians in fish that give life to wastt river. The ancestors of my grandfather Swiss origin, were among the first settlers to reach the southwestern United States. And I remember the stories he told me, which in turn were passed on by his father and so on the stories of American Indians and their understanding of the love of their motherland. Wastt The river was a mile and a half away from home to walk the orchard water river with its source wastt whitewater that crashing against the rocks and boulders creating that sweet melody for the senses aquatic acoustics.
True, the jack grandfather always told again and again the same story as we headed towards the river and another story to back the river, which were always the same but had explicit relationship between the two and the way up the river as wastt rod back toward home. The wastt river called by the first settlers India kajat tribe settled on both sides of the river buffalo eye for its peculiar intersection up hill shaped eye paraidolia bison kajat for Indian River and nutrients in the form of fish was life that Mother Earth offered them in exchange for their veneration and worship the river, its mountains, the sun and moon of the idiosyncrasies of nature knew gave the tribe.
The old fishing gear consisted of a wire kajat fact bark of trees or vines where in the end finished with a copper hook which was a preparing a natural bait such as worms butterfly, insects and spiders, also fishing was performed with short harpoon-driven arms and extreme skill in hitting with fish moving in water lances, this type of fishing was done near the big waterfall or cataract of white eagle on their similarity to American Eagle Bald Eagle caused a natural leap between the white peaks of the White Mountain.
I legend that Nast son of the great kajat chief white eagle, rushed and disappeared into the waterfall ponytail and was transformed into white eagle and one of the battles of the kajat against tribe xirues rival, alert from the air hovering over lines of xirues, their kajat Warriors xirues positions and their ambush and reporting purposes by the sorcerer mind your tribe battle plan to reorganize the later battle for victory in combat xirues tribe , returning and then appearing in the waterfall ponytail is reconverted back into Nast son of the great chief kajat white eagle.
Grandpa Jack had half a soul shared with the Indians and nature equally, the Erick Indians left us this legacy to be take care of ourselves and not alteráramos to mother nature could live in peace with the white man that is my way of life and you want to convey to you son, balance your mind, your place, and Mother Nature are the three pillars which will comfort your soul stop and found a place, a reason and a healthy life, remember the three pillars and always on the go looking for the three pillars which support your energy to live in peace and harmony with yourself and your environment.
That's the best to be well kept in mind and spirit secret.
To my grandfather jack fishing was like any other activity in tune with mother nature and became a ritual where the man was combined with its natural surroundings.
When we arrived at wastt river, we stopped a few meters to the shore jack my grandfather silently prostrated knees river, listening and feeling the maremagnos of water, land and air sounds at that moment sprang a barrage of sounds composing a natural musical symphony, Jack slowly opened her knees and sat in a more comfortable position timidly opened his arms supporting his elbows on his knees, closed his eyes for a higher concentration and was entering through the mind into a deep trance plunged him into a deep meditation fusing it with the prevailing nature while singing a little legible song by nasal sounds barely vocalize words, there is no doubt that my grandfather was one of the most spiritual, mystical and mysterious people that I meet in my life .
When he had finished his meditation and was preparing to join quickly help me bitter, and devotes grandfather mood will rise, he replied me patience, calm I'm old son ...
At dusk which is when the fish are preparing to go to sleep as he would say Jack is the best time to catch the fish are tired from a long day of searching for food and other necessities and throw rods and wait for chopping is a breeze provided we used the same enclave, Grandpa always said fish have noticed our presence are aquatic animals extremely intelligence, although their retention intelligence ceases to desire, in other words memory is not excessive for that reason even perceive our presence do not remember the last time we perceived that happened, they have advantage over our intelligence is more complete and complex nature Goddess grant us a number of attributes placing us at the top of the pyramid in the evolutionary chain, giving us the most precious and the possibility to live in peace with our natural resources and each other issue that certainly the more time goes on it gets more and more in between that.
Not being in any way a problem of nature, but rather of human nature.
When evening exhaled and last furtive rays despuntaban in the west we were about to pick up the gear and fishing gear, while Jack cried very good day of fishing really son?, Do not like was fun, my dear grandson not forget that you do what did you have fun while doing it, even though you do not like so much, everything that makes you fun filled energy, calm your spirit and fill of magic and notice as time elapses your around a so explosive, that is why my life is so short, I understand son. If Grandpa jack loud and clear is that even being very young understand your words and message that you want me to come to perfection. No doubt you're my son is very intelligent is that you'll think the same way, your life will be quick but fully filled.
Erick is that you are very special, genetics is very whimsical and not play dice, but it transmits DNA and genes of ancestors and usually more complete generation, coupled with your own genetics emerging that will lead to achieving all what you set out on a whirlwind race against time, only you know where you is your limit and if this limit exists really for you, keep askance your knowledge will not openly show what could covet and you'd be in trouble, there are bad people and Smart also covet everything they could regardless the unorthodox means to get to in order to get what you covet at any price.
In the evening when the sun god has to save its rays of light and warmth, downslope dawning on the horizon west and timid rays of light and the land are disappearing panorama sunset leaves a trail of red dyed rosy clouds and red skies

It was the right time to return the way home. When the shameful night spreads its blanket of stars covering whimsically dark blue sky becoming one night in a dream, where the first stars launch their elusive intermittent nods without fleeting notoriety as if to go unnoticed in the splendor of the silent night.
The more early riser star is the Great Bear, my grandfather always pointed jack shamelessly saying you are the first to show up every night, sometimes I think you want something from me, haha ​​but at my age I do not, this is the guide star son of all human beings from the beginning of time, the Great Bear is much more reliable than all existing technological means such as digital compasses and other equipment, unless the weather does not allow you descry nor its constellation.
Watch Erick see a small step in the constellation Ursa Major that cluster of stars is stacked constellation Perseus, called the perseiras that is whimsical universe do not you think?
Erick without looking away from the sky, says if grandpa is whimsical, it may be because he has done himself no time or space in its own image and wings fundamental laws that govern it.
Exactly small, I've never told this, I've thought and thought for yourself, you have a very basic conditions for reflective thought a great thinker, you could become a great astrophysicist.
The way back home was more than encouraged, to go early evening was the right time for fantasy, imagination and illusion that both desbordábamos, time seemed to stand still and even paralyzed, our minds were not aware of anything were not we printed imagination to what happened in the night sky, cobwebbed binding constellations of stars and also with galaxies. Motivated by loquacious show the Milky Way, as a bridge between heaven and earth across its beam full of stardust, stars and planets forming a musical symphony of new worlds above our heads.
Once close to home, the grandmother waited marianne supported us in column porch with arms crossed, with a wide, genuine smile, we're screaming kids dinner is ready when Erick and jack were coming home, marianne was wrong arm Erick by the shoulders and to a carantoña swirling hair while telling him you know there for dinner tonight that you like, do not tell me grandma to see if stew success of ribs with fries and a spectacular pudding egg, perfect're right says mariannne laughing and Erick shook his head laughing while jack deposited fishing gear into place a cabinet intended for that purpose and continued to another key where the armory containing was two winchester repeating and most ancient hunting rifle that was his father and was rather part of ornament.

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