sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013

communicated to the literary work in Castilian "space visitors" video

communicated to the literary work in Castilian "space visitors" video that simultaneous translation written in English is to say in another language as follows, "space visitors" format is a literary work of hard sacien e fiction, despite being fiction is based on a real experience of abduction as the beginning of the adventures and thrilling stories that will happen in the novel from an epic journey across the universe to the planet of aliens, "memorandum", a supposed mission that will take us to the world imagination through samentan commander XVW spacecraft - 13, which will instruct them to our main protagonist gerard and 12 other human beings more land that they choose for their mental faculties, precisely so that using extaterrestres by the genetic gifts and foreign DNA can achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the world for the sake of humanity that is certainly about to self-destruction of the human race, and samentan purpose of civilization is very commendable but hides the real reason why they want to help save the earth aa which is disclosed at the end of the book.


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