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the power of the mind

¥. Absorbing learning knowledge

I have written in blogs and social networks and other internet platforms, write on any kind of subject, but science, science fiction, astronomy and brain are my specialties.

Then I write a synopsis of an article

The power of the mind

The mind is very difficult to study by neural scientists, since the only way to study the mind is through another mind, and give a review of how it works and its parameters is venturing more science fiction than science itself

The mind is a muscle which like any other muscle reacts to stimuli and exercise becomes more effective, the thought of our mind is variable moods and feelings, but certain minds or special brain or a very early genetic and full of information as a wicking expose the process and debug information to draw their own conclusions from each information and learning fills our brain knowledge to implement and debug sometimes to draw from their own content.

The brain sends neural impulses throughout the body including the heart and gives call by the body running, sometimes through the pain that is a defense mechanism that goes from where the infection focus to celebrate to warn that something works well.

The human brain is hardly known and began to know something about the beginning of the 70
Therefore we have a whole world to discover about the mind.

The power of the mind is unlimited, if we exercise the mind and think and work with it, we can get surprised far we can go, bipolar disorder, which can sometimes be experienced by people with high mental power and a huge intelligence , extending even to genius, like Einstein, Newton, and numerous vanghot geniuses of history.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome, according to research conducted the babysitter s schoolchildren with ADHD, it has been found that it is children s with a high IQ some gifted super, and it is decided to the right frontal lobe is less developed than normal brains, and this make them an attention deficit but not your brain is less powerful than the rest of my not the opposite, these children s can reach surprising bridging the gap with Einstein.

Finally, and looking to surprise with this article, I will discuss if they know or know is telekinesis?

Derived from the Greek word telekinesis, which is empowered by the mind to move objects almost imperceptibly, one or more material objects of any size ...

The scientific community does not recognize the existence of that power, but great minds happens that being fixed mentally on an object is experiencing a change in body or movement through the waves emitted by the extrasensory mind making interfere with these objects by altering their shape or implementing a barely perceptible movement very slight movement only for the person you are interacting do with your mind.

Telepathy, is also a way to communicate between two individuals with similar minds and with amazing perception mentally about telepathy can not venture to regard because I lack experience in this field.

But if there is telekinesis, telepathy may also have a place in our world of the unknown

A pleasure to communicate with all of you @ sa hope through this interesting article that I wanted to tactfully convey to

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