sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013

Sipnosis presentation and the novel " The other reality "

Sipnosis presentation and the novel " The other reality". This book trailer in Castilian whose content written English is as follows. Erick suach is the star of this mystery, although the novel is narrated by the son of Patrick SUACH, NARA life of his father Erick SUACH a full life surrounded by an aura of mysticism and mystery, Erick early that gives orphaned and went to live with his paternal grandparents, Jack and Marianne, the story of his life from childhood to puberty is an emotional and a background that slowly envelops us in the narrative plot Erick is a very mysterious boy more intelligent than that during the first stage of life while life goes concomiendo superficially be realizing that the world contains other more dark and sinister in his teenage life and middle age will have while finding out thus finds himself the suspicion of himself that is verified and have had to face hardships and adventures even though he has not sought him play live by its very nature a nature to discover when you read the novel and that will lead to a exciting adventure where there seemed no way out but if there something that distinguishes Erick the rest of us is the desire to excel and overcoming obstacles in life is finding, taking the end a tremendous and unexpected outcome.


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