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space visitors. Chapter 2. by. Gerardo Moreno

Visitors Space

Chapter 2


Gerardo Moreno

During the trip, lead a direct and friendly communication with the commander samentan it be that he was in command of the spacecraft and missions to do which for me were the most questions, the first question was, because I had chosen my , but had a strong suspicion of the plea Samentan I communicate telepathically road that was not the only human being to be contacted and that the main reason to contact you gerard, is because its pure and high intelligence, goodness determined that was chosen for the contact, also the willingness of you know by gerard.
Of course my next question was obvious that they had interest in me, and mental response I got was immediate and very strong at the same time clarifying amazing.
Samentan explained to me that watching the passing of the earth fear its self-destruction and that will interfere with me, we will entrust the mission to save their planet from self-destruction, I guess I do not reject this amendment because it is their planet, and wished that their generations continue populating the earth.
Exclaimed but as I will only save the planet! , Replied immediately Samentan no! is unfortunately your only impossible, but later we'll talk about the impossible, which is a human term that does not exist, you have no more to do our civilization where the impossible does not exist.
Keep talking Samentan closing your eyes and touching his temples with his index fingers to have a clearer telepathy with his gerard contertulio, We will select 12 others over the earth to make you gathered your world may be saved, how? Gerard is quick to answer, quiet man reaching for the 13 members of the mission to positions of power within the relevant major powers of the world, and cambiéis according to your way of thinking everything is not right in your world.
The elect are people with a high level of intelligence, far from the land of SD15 IQ higher than 192, as appended to your Giftedness you will implement an alien gene, our properties in the right elbow as a vaccine, a number of properties or qualities of our civilization, increased Giftedness acquiring a quasi perfect qualities of our brain, with very special and specific connotations, fear and panic disappears completely, the uncertainty principle floating in the universe will continue to exist but for our civilization and for the 13 elected disappear completely, since some features will be the immortality gene, the natural fear of death completely disappears. We help deciding though always risky measures calculated before ejecutarse.Al properties have a brain like ours, gerard, everything will be easier for you and your colleagues to achieve in a short time put in places power or notoriety in their world.
The following property of the gene is the ultra sensory perception that alert you of imminent danger, as an anti computer virus that blocks the entry of the virus into the computer, so the ultra sensory perception acts giving advance notice of any danger of your daily life, 13 elected you can communicate with you via encrypted telepathy, so you escape the intervention of information by third parties of your progress and plans, you also will convey telekinesis, with this quality you can move immaterial objects of any shape or size, and distort them at your convenience, read the Anyone thinking and interfere with their willingness to adueñados it, overriding the will of the mission, use only in case of vital importance to save their world, but it would seem a mockery of their species.
I think you'll agree that with all these qualities, it will be of great help in changing the behavior patterns of their world and safeguard the earth so that future generations will have a better world, in the event that this world continue taking fissures and balance problems, would do the same as we do with other elected.
Samentan, apology, and because so much interest in saving the earth? Salmentan quickly answer mental waves transmitting through the air to my brain, why? You always stand the human race one because for all a because of mistrust, gerard friend, it is because we are the good kind in every sense of the word and we want a world at peace both with the inhabitants of each planet as between civilizations that exist in the universe.
Samentan supports two fingers of his left hand on his temple, a gesture that also made, on occasion ...
And after a few seconds ... Exclaims, until you forget that there has to be because for all ... They get to discover the pure knowledge.
Gerard says, I see I understand ...
Samentan suddenly interrupted, or think you understand understand ... Doubt friend raises questions, the statement confirms that there are no doubts, it is advisable to affirm, deny or remain doubtful that between affirmation and negation, giving rise to doubts ... And the question is one of the reasons why your world is so divided and inhumane.
Gerard says have not yet explained to me the plan of action or will develop this network to get a turn in the world.
Samentan, quiet friend gerard you have an appointment or something to be in such a hurry, quiet patience, perseverance and methodology are the three guidelines to carry out all that friend gerad intends continues Samentan, waving his long arms there is still time all we need, from the time we contact you, the time on earth has stopped, time does not exist in space, to travel through hyperspace at a rate of 11 JX 00, a speed that you you could not calculate but is 11,000,000 times the speed of spacecraft your today.
When they return to the earth, and you leave your house, will be 4:45 pm on the day 11th July 2011, nobody longed for, because time on earth remains the same as when you contacted, when traveling on our ship Space XVW-13 in hyper space, time stands still in the universe including the earth.
Why? I hasten to answer, answer samentan, because you are on our ship, and are you, the cause of the time on earth friend gerad stops.
Gerard answered quickly, and if during that time someone on earth seems strange that the time elapsed not stop ...
Samentan answered lightly, if passes, but when you return to your planet will appear at the same time and day, it's like a regression ...
The time stands still, at that time we contacted unchanged are 4:45 pm until we leave in the same place same hour, minute, day month, year and time according to your measurements.
Answer gerard, it is because it will appear at the same time, and the rest of the population are unaware of the time paralyzed.
Samentan, very bold friend, is not the rest of the population that suffers a return or become paralyzed as long as you're with us you are returning your gerard the time and in the same time you abandoned land.
I guess it's hard to understand as your physical laws, but ours if contemplated, are like two parallel times subsequently converted into one being exactly the same time we left your planet.
No one on your planet noticed something strange since the beginning of time happen when starting from 4:45 of the day July 11, 2011, all minds the world will receive a telepathic hypnotic regression via our central computer which will vary the date in which they live and their conditioning to resume from the chosen date, to your humanity you can manipulate to achieve what we set out, and what we have done in some time that has been at risk of destruction of old .
We friend gerard, possess perfection, our evolution has led us to be perfect, we are the oldest civilization of the universe, our measure of time we have a whopping 11 raised to 13 parallel dimensions Years infinite light of the rest of civilization, our civilization was conceived without time, ie always existed as the universe itself, we have had no beginning or end like the universe, are we just never infinite in both forward and reverse.
Gerard, interesting samentan, have proof of your claims, if gerard friend yesterday but goes hard to understand your civilization, demonstrating my words, so you'll understand what I say I will tell you, being a perfect civilization since its existence that has always been , we have neither beginning nor end, this confirms that our knowledge of ourselves and the rest of civilization and the universe concerning perfection because we are perfect, and perfectly knows everything and no room for error or mistake on any matter. The show would generate a false negative as denomináis to reality in demonstrable.
Sorry samentan where we are going.? Samentan answers to where you think, we headed.? Gerard says to your planet, samentan exactly, then why are you asking me if I already knew, your civilization has a policy to always ask when times should skip to question issue to do knowing beforehand the answer is no a reproach simply a confirmation that you still have much to learn and act accordingly.
Gerard if true, but sometimes communication codes that are used without any consciousness, customs linguistically acquired consequence of our culture.
If they understand are linguistic communication modes and a humanity that is still far from becoming a civilization.
Opening his large palms Samentan points to one of his crew members saying've been talking about inconsiderate manners have not yet introduced you to my crew this being my right is Dixie, our aeronautical engineer and responsible for the perfection of our ship so manual and with the help of our host, Simon dxw 4, when his driving is automatic, the ship is manned by the computer and we are his crew which we transmit orders him to convey to the process and run, but has autonomy own to think about every time which is most suitable in the different situations that the uncertainty principle threat, but as above you comment that principle is overridden by our perfection and our computer dxw Simon 4 our perfection need not preempt any threat, given that the threat does not exist, to be overridden by our perfection the uncertainty principle goes to the background, but not for that reason is forgotten by us or our computer dxw Simon 4.

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