miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014


A fragment of the story "Reunion" will be published soon with five stories in a book of stories titled, "Science Fiction and Fantasy"
Once out there in space there is no going back, which is why it is vital that this all adjusted and ready for full operation in space. It is infinitely easier to repair or rectify a technical or technological problem in the earth in space.
Already know weightlessness is not the same as being anchored to the ground eh?
We Still says the commander in charge of the mission from the base control aerospace operation, we closed microphone? Ask Willians, answers commander Still, if we are in private but it is the last time until the end of the mission I communicate with the crew of the spacecraft closed microphone from as we finish the conversation started'll leave open for the microphone entire control room to work on possible difficulties may occur in the course of star travel is clear.? Or if Smith butchering clear answer I will Willians exactly the same for my colleagues and Mc Arthur Smith can be aware of everything that happens.
Of course that's right for the sake of the mission cosmonaut Willians, super're friend according my commander Still, then it's time for satire and sarcasm says Williams with a laugh, lol just was thinking about that damn you have telepathy Mr. Willians

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