miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

Rain curtain

    This is an excerpt from my latest novel "rain curtain," a novel of modern vampires but with an emotional and human burden disseminated throughout the novel Blood Creek bones of the two main characters Tim and two Mac's convicted of the special forces hunting occasionally turned into vampires.

    "We will have to furnish Aron on how introduction of microchip nano robot for once in your body can have autonomy to evade or fight and avoid being destroyed by any harmful agent within the body of Selenia and prepare several practice sessions simulation leakage with the guard in the prison department of information and avoid possible errors of assessment in theater to refer leakage simulation Selenia to give more credibility to the leak of Selenia, for that reason be tested often necessary until we create that has escaped us. "" If Tim all start to give us to make the necessary credibility to drain Selenia be walking through it to achieve our main objective is to find the pure vampire necromancer blood causing all the previous episode we had to intervene for this action of blood and power in the Eastern District. "continued Mac," about how, when and where we will find the necromancer vampire is an irrelevant question, it is important that through Selenia happen and when it will be before us then that improvisation and experience unite to destroy the vampire necromancer. "

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