miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

published titled "Howling in silence

Here an excerpt from my next novel to be published titled "Howling in silence." The next morning Augustine embullo in a cold sweat, feeling tired and depleted almost powerless, as if the dream is desgastase physically and mentally more so even than when he makes his daytime life studies and other activities. While his teammates queue up and wait in the latrines, Augustine still skulking in bed and sleeping some more time intervals, a clear sign that he has not slept well tonight.
Porfirio seeing him still in bed, he asks, "Augustine are you okay?"
"Or if Porfirio's just that I slept very badly with strange nightmares that I do not remember." Answer it desperezando Augustine and stretching in bed.
"Well then if you are not sick and do not afflict any wrong, you should get up and go to the day class in the morning." Porfirio nods.
"If I quickly shower, get dressed and I go to class." Augustine answered condescendingly.
However Augustine should I report it to Plotinus teacher about their status and their nightmares as a cause of it occurred, may be cause of stress in studies or other causes that psychoanalysts consider you decide it is due and how to fight if had any psychopathy. Porfirio concludes.
"Well as it sees fit disciple Porphyry, but I would not bother the teacher by a nightmare I've had insignificant and more important." Answer Augustine while changing clothes.
"Well okay Augustine pensare it now wash and wear presentable and go immediately to the classroom studies." Porfirio continues, "this morning will substitute as a teacher Plotinus in its absence'm leaving at dawn the temple Eshmun a meeting with the Senate.

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